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TOPCAR has been involved in the tuning of premium cars since 2004. Following a number of successful participations with the newly-designed products at prestigious car tuning exhibitions in Europe - Essen Motor Show, Top Marques Monaco, Geneva International Motor Show - TOPCAR’s popularity has been steadily growing worldwide. Thus, helping TOPCAR become a major competitor in the industry.

TOPCAR currently offers its own projects of tuning Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Panamera, Bentley Continental GT and MINI Cooper. In addition, TOPCAR also offers products of a well-known German tuning company LUMMA Design. The products include body kit packages for BMW X 6, BMW 7 Series, BMW 5 Series and Porsche Cayenne.

From the beginning, TOPCAR has aimed at establishing its own original design of cars. The company’s goal is to create cars that are both luxurious and unique in style, while still maintaining the comfort and convenience for everyday use.

TOPCAR has its own state of the art factory. All of the details for aerodynamic body kits are made from valuable materials, such as Carbon Fiber and Kevlar fabric. Such body kits are created by using vacuum molding techniques. In addition, the superior technology of the five axis milling machines, as well as, digital technologies and advanced software provide the ability to make extremely lightweight and firm car parts that can easily fit the place of nominal bracing.

TOPCAR is committed to providing the best customer experience possible for its clientele. This objective is achieved by taking all of the client’s requirements in consideration while developing a custom order to fit the buyer’s delicate taste.

Tuning Porsche Macan by TOPCAR

Traditionally, the TOPCAR company is working with Porsche cars and offers a range of aerodynamic body kits for models Cayenne, Panamera, 911 Carrera. And at the moment the TOPCAR company one of the first who introduced his own project for a brand new Porsche Macan.

Aerodynamic body kit will consist of:
-front bumper
-the lower lip of the front bumper
- extender of the front fenders (two parts)
-extender of the rear fenders (two parts)
-linings on the front fenders with TOPCAR logo
- side skirts
-rear bumper
-rear bumper diffuser
-rear spoiler

This kit is designed for all modifications of the Porsche Macan. All elements of the TOPACR aero-kits manufactured using vacuum-formed technology and using carbon fiber and Kevlar. This technology provides the highest quality parts. Details are set without fitting in regular places mounts. Additionally, the TOPCAR company offers its customers a program to improve engine power, individual design-projects for modification of the interior and ultralight forged ADV.1 Wheels.

Tuning Porsche 991 Turbo/TurboS Stinger GTR.

TOPCAR is happy to present the very new and the most exclusive work of its professional life the aerodynamic kit Stinger GTR for Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S. This is indeed the most sophisticated project TOPCAR has ever done, it took 9 months to finish and concidered as bringing a new child to life.

The kit consists of 24 class-A carbon fiber composite body panels which can be fitted professionally only at TOPCAR specialized center due to high standard precision job where 90% of exterior is to be changed completely, several carbon panels are to be bonded with the steel body using hi-tech materials and know how skills. Some parts of the kit could be lacquered to highlight the beauty of carbon fibers. Due to high complexity of the project TOPCAR specialists are only able to assemble two cars a month at their premises. By special request the kit could be assembled at clients site with TOPCAR specialists travel and accommodation costs covered.

The price of the body kit painted and fitted is €46 580. On top of that: - the car performance could be increased by 60 hp and 130 Nm. using special HP kit. - the look of your car could be personalized even further by selection of topnotch wheels from our partner ADV.1

The Stinger GTR project debuts at TOPCAR stand 2 on 8-11 January at Performance car show, NEC, Birmingham, UK. The exhibited car is highest possible factory specs from Porsche plus ADV.1 wheels, custom interior trimmed with exceptional quality black leather, lacquered carbon fiber panels and 24 carat gold detailing making this car truly one of a kind.

The Porsche Macan Turbo Ursa project could be also seen live at our stand.

Tuning Porsche Cayenne I and Porsche Cayenne II

TOPCAR provides owners of Porsche Cayenne, I and II, with a way of giving their car a new distinctive look, while keeping it well-balanced and without taking it over the top.

For the Porsche Cayenne I, TOPCAR is ready to provide three totally different tuning plans:

Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR project is a further special decision. Having kept the original headlights the car nevertheless gained an accipitral power from the Advantage GT. Only 25 unique cars will be built.

  1. Advantage GT - is a limited series of just 50 units. This option gives the car a one-of-a-kind design, which will not be duplicated into any other vehicle. The project converts a regular Cayenne into a stylized dashing off-road coupe. The new car body components and headlights borrowed from the Porsche 911, endue the car with some features of the classical Porsche style in its new look.
  2. Vantage GTR - is a limited series of just 25 units. The car gains the accepitral power from the Advantage GT package, but keeps the original Cayenne headlights.
  3. Vantage - is an unlimited series. It is a bit simpler than Advantage GT and Vantage GTR, however, this package has its own unique style and class.

TOPCAR also offers three unique plans for owners of Porsche Cayenne II:

  1. Vantage GTR II - Using Porsche Cayenne II as a base, the appearance of the car is newly reconstructed in the style of an off-road coupe. This project is not a body kit in the usual sense, rather, it is a complete and massive alteration. Using advanced technology all of the body parts are produced from Carbon Fiber and Kevlar fabric. Only 50 cars will be made in this series.
  2. Vantage II - body kit assembly does not require any complementary car base works. The whole package includes front and rear spoiler bumpers, front and rear fender extenders, a bonnet and side skirts. The Vantage II appearance has its own distinctive face containing the wild character traits inherited from the Vantage GTR II. The body kit car parts are produced from Carbon fiber and Kevlar fabric. The amount of renovated cars will be unlimited.
  3. The Porsche Cayenne Advantage Coupe design has no counterparts. The idea is to convert the Porsche Cayenne II into a real off-road coupe. Updated car will derive two doors and Porsche 911 oval headlights. Its first public outing will be at the upcoming Geneva motor show in early March.

Tuning Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR 2014

At the moment Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR was very popular among connoisseurs of exclusive and luxury tuning-cars. The company has released 15 unique vehicles. And at the moment in TOPCAR released an updated version of Stingray GTR created for the new Porsche Panamera 2014 model year. TOPCAR believe that this should increase interest among the fans of unique cars and get new orders from customers.

Stingray GTR - it is a large-scale tuning program for the Porsche Panamera from the company TOPCAR. Installing aerodynamic kit includes replacement of almost all external elements: front and rear bumpers, hood, front and rear wings, sills, doors. All power elements monocoque and doors remain intact, but the appearance of the car changes cardinally.

When installing the kit uses a special technology splicing carbon elements with metal base body of the car. As a result, we get better aerodynamics and aesthetically correct contours and shapes that were designed TOPCAR specialists in the design stage. All elements of the aerodynamic kit made of carbon fiber and Kevlar technology vacuum forming, so the car is perfect, not only in terms of design, but also the production technology.

Tuning is not limited to the installation of body kit. New car interiors according to the preferences of a particular client - this is the best continuation of car tuning.. Working with mechanical parts include an increase in engine power, replacing the brake and exhaust systems. There are several programs to increase engine power up to 700 hp. The logical conclusion of an image are car rims. The company recommends TOPCAR ultralight forged wheels ADV.1 Wheels.

Tuning Lumma CLR X 5 RS X5 (F15)

The latest creation from the wide-body experts answers to the name LUMMA CLR X 5 RS, and once again is a real attention-getter. With powerful wheel arch flares that have been provided with air inlets at the rear axle, the sporty newcomer radiates confidence. The front spoiler bumper with its enlarged air inlets and the integrated daytime running lights, which all belong to the LUMMA body kit, reflect the current aggressive design language of the LUMMA designers. The side skirts are custom-made. As if cast from a single mold: The sporty LUMMA hood is designed for hot countries and powerful engines. The large built-in vents not only fulfill a practical purpose, but also give an exclusive look to the new X5. The refiners from Winterlingen have even left their signature on the rear of the vehicle. There, among other things, the rear trim with an integrated diffuser is a real eye-catcher. A rear spoiler lip provides downforce. Individual look for the tail lights: LUMMA Design draws attention with specially placed panels.

For the new X5, the refiners even have the right "footwear" ready. LUMMA Design offers a new super-lightweight sport rim in the size 11x23. It carries the name LUMMA CLR 23 GT, has a matt, racing black finish, and is fitted with decorative strips. The light alloy wheel fits on tires sized 315/25-23 and is perfect for the standard X5 Series. Furthermore, the luxury SUV can be equipped with the classic LUMMA CLR 22. With the rims in 10x22 on 295/30-22 tires mounted on the front axle and 12x22 on 335/25-22 tires in the rear, an imposing appearance is a sure thing. Two designs are available. Customers can choose between elegant black or a silver finish.

Four oval tailpipes characterize the LUMMA sport exhaust, which is available on request with sound flap. Performance upgrades for diesel and gasoline engines and engine optic parts in carbon will follow. These are currently in preparation.

Individualization for the interior: The ergonomically shaped sport steering wheel in leather, Alcantara or carbon, high-quality, velours floor mats edged with leather and embroidered with the LUMMA crest logo as well as aluminum pedals with non-slip rubber studs are already available. If desired, the refiners from Winterlingen will modify the entire interior according to the customer's wishes. Solid color or bicolor, Alcantara, Nappa leather or ostrich leather… Everything is possible and materials can be combined with each other.

All components can be installed in a delivered vehicle. In addition, it is possible to configure a completely new car and order it from LUMMA Design.

Tuning LUMMA CLR X 6 R

As the first automobile refiner worldwide, LUMMA Design from the Swabian Winterlingen presents the draft design of the brand new BMW X6 of the new F16 series!

Accordingly, LUMMA designers and technicians are already stuck neck-deep in preparations for development in such a way that the first examples of the new LUMMA CLR X 6 R can be presented already at the Geneva Motor Show of 2015. Hidden behind the highly promising type designation is a vehicle conversion of the highest order with a good number of high-end and carefully thought-through elements of individualization.

The most striking modification of the Sport Activity Coupé performed by LUMMA Design however is of course, its spectacular widebody transformation. The LUMMA CLR X 6 R body kit underlying the evidently muscular growth accounts for a growth of about 50 millimeters on each side thanks to the wheel arch enlargements with air boxes on both axles!

To match the broad shoulders, the imaginative team built around the tuning veteran Horst Lumma created for the bug of the X6, a front spoiler bumper bar with integrated, shaded LED double lamps and the LUMMA-typical daytime running lights in two-fold design based on the state of the art fiber optic light guide technology. For this purpose, LUMMA Design combines a front spoiler base part made of carbon. The base parts of the side skirts, which ensure an optical connection of the displayed wheel archs, and are also fitted with ventilation ducts, are also based on carbon fiber tissues. The eyecatcher on the rear is no doubt, the rear apron bumper bar with diffuser, which houses the four tail pipes (with the thickness of an arm) of the sports exhaust system. A rear spoiler ensures improved downforce on the rear axle and is optically and aerodynamically complemented by a roof spoiler.

Another highlight in the bodywork modifications is the newly designed engine hood in sports looks made completely, of high-tensile and at the same time, ultra-light carbon – it is indeed for a reason that this high-tech material is regularly used in racing competitions.

In addition to a centrally-installed massive air vent, the hood has other deaeration systems on both sides and thus ensures the sufficient discharge of heat, particularly in high-performance engines.

“Performance boost” is thus also the catchword for the next chapter. Of course, LUMMA Design also has power upgrades for the X6 of the F16 series in the pipeline! By this means, significant power boost can be achieved for the 50i motorization through the performance boost of the X5 F15 that is already known. In addition to new hardware in the form of enlarged turbo-chargers and a valve-controlled sports exhaust system including racing catalyzers, this of course also entails electronic optimization. The ultimate goal was to boost performance from 450 horse power (330 kW) to 590 horse power (434 kW) as well as raise the torque from the standard 650 Nm to a brutal 850 Nm. Regulated maximum speed will then be raised from 250 k.p.h. to 295 k.p.h. thus ensuring that the LUMMA CLR X 6 R becomes one of the fastest X6’s as long as no M-model is yet ready to be supplied.

For the optimal transfer of this herculean strength to the surface of the road, LUMMA Design offers wheels that are of course, classy as well as sporty. The super sports wheels designated as LUMMA CLR Racing that were particularly designed and constructed for the new X6 measure a whopping 10x22 inches on the front axle and a fabulous 12x22 inches on the rear axle.

This wheel looks particularly sporty through the massive concavity of the new rim design: In spite of its huge dimensions and the extreme level of wheel strength, the wheel appears light through the filigree spokes. The new LUMMA CLR Racing sports rim can be choosen in the standard finishes of silver and matt black as well as optionally in any other color for optical individualization. As additional divergence, the inserts between the wheel spokes can be highlighted in contrast colors as well as in coordinated color-match. The rims are combined with Vredestein Ultrac Vorti-tires of the XXL dimensions 295/30-22 and 335/25-22. In spite of these super-wide wheel/tire combinations, the massive CLR X 6 R wheel houses even leave a few millimeters of space for the installation of the company’s own LUMMA performance spacing rings.

Of course LUMMA Design also did extensive work on the passenger’s compartment of the new X6 and thus demonstrates the accomplished craftmanship of the company’s own saddlery through the work of the great Munich native in the course of the transformation to LUMMA CLR X 6 R: In addition to the processing of high-end materials such as fine leather and alcantara, LUMMA’s master upholsterer also created decorative seams in contrast colors, design leather and high-grade embossment of the LUMMA emblem. The original seats had to make way for the LUMMA sports seats with more side support and integrated airbags. An absolute highlight should be the individual sports seats that are integrated in the rear of the passenger’s compartment. To round it all up optically, even the safety belt was adapted to the color of the interior. The full velours floor mats as well as the baggage trunk mat are enclosed in real leather and fitted with the LUMMA Design crest logo and in addition to the LUMMA aluminum pedal systems including foot rest, round up the interior program.

Talking of quality, the brand name LUMMA Design popularly stands for the highest standards. LUMMA conversion kits will therefore be delivered in PURE quality also in the future. This means: absolute fitting accuracy, already pre-primed and of course, always with TÜV’s parts expertise! Moreover, all LUMMA conversion kits will be delivered with registration number and certificates of authenticity – a minor gesture that serves to reassure customers that they have received original LUMMA parts.

TOPCAR Presents: Tuning LUMMA BMW CLR 500

TOPCAR created the BMW CLR 500 as a custom order by LUMMA Design. The car gained the newly designed body kit which consists of: a front spoiler bumper with integrated LED running lights, a rear spoiler bumper with a large diffuser, the LUMMA Sport bonnet with wide air intakes, M style front fenders with LED fender markers, front and rear wheel arch extensions, side skirts, a rear wing, M style exhaust system and LUMMA Design sport wheels (R20, R19).

In addition to the extensive refinement, TOPCAR and LUMMA Design offer the aerodynamic package of the inimitable quality.

All car parts are made of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar Fabric using vacuum forming technique. Vacuum molded body kit parts obtain perfect quality and do not require any additional adjustments. All decorative trims, inserts, and panels as long as the rear wing, the bonnet and the rear bumper diffuser are made of the Visible Carbon Fiber. The newly designed interior resembles the distinctive look of the exterior. The well-judged use of Real Carbon, Nappa leather in special colours provides an evenly exclusive and user-friendly ambiance.

Some of the technical refinements including the engine performance improvements, the new exhaust system, and the Brembo brake system reveal more ways in which a vehicle can stand out from the crowd of identical cars.

Tuning Range Rover Vogue Lumma CLR R

With its sporty wide-body look, LUMMA Design’s CLR R conversion for the new Range Rover that debuted last year leaves a distinctively dramatic impression that is hard to beat.To kick off the 2014 season, LUMMA Design now presents a comprehensive carbon-fibre package as well as increased performance for the turbo-diesel engine version of the Range Rover.

The complete CLR R package offers a sporty looking wide body with new bumpers, wide wheel arch flares, lower door panels, and an aggressively re-styled lightweight carbon-fibre bonnet with additional air scoops. The new carbon-fibre package include a new front grille, door handles, mirror covers, rear spoiler lip, rear and side trim strips and an anti-glare panel for the bonnet. This adds a unique twist to the aristocratic Range Rover, already visually emboldened by the LUMMA CLR R conversion.

Appropriate alloy wheels to fill out the big arches come in the form of 12.0J x 22-inch LUMMA Exclusive alloy wheels, wearing Vredestein Ultrac Sessenta SUV high performance tyres.

Extra performance for the diesel-engined variant is provided by the LUMMA D-Box, developed specifically for the Range Rover. This raises the standard 4.4-liter V8 diesel engine’s output from 250kW/340 hp and 700 Nm to 272 kW/370 hp, with 800 Nm of torque. As the beefier torque curve means less effort is required to achieve a given pace, the D-box can potentially improve the average fuel consumption by about 0.5 L/100 km in normal driving. This motor upgrade package costs 749 euros plus VAT including warranty, and can be fitted at LUMMA Design’s premises in Germany for an additional 90 Euro. A stylish engine cover in Racing Red with carbon-fibre inlay and LUMMA logo tops off the engine upgrade.

LUMMA Design also offers a high quality stainless steel sports exhaust system with four tailpipes that lowers backpressure for a few extra horsepower, and adds a deep, sonorous soundtrack. Only available in conjunction with the CLR R styling package, which integrates the end pipes into the rear apron, this exhaust system comes with a choice of exhaust tips in either black or chrome. The petrol version also has a sound flap control.


To match the more extrovert exterior of their Range Rover CLR R, LUMMA Design offer a beautifully crafted interior package that adds a finishing touch to the plush cabin. The major component here is a re-trim of the seats in Alcantara with a diamond-quilted pattern. The dashboard, door panels and centre console are finished in a stylish combination of Alcantara, fine leather with carbon-fibre trim inserts.

A highlight of this very special interior is the ergonomically shaped, flat-bottomed sports steering wheel with perforated Alcantara covering the grip area. The top and bottom of the wheel rim is covered by unique carbon look leather. Finishing off the remodelled cabin are smaller but no less important details such as the aluminium pedal set with non-slip rubber feet, stainless-steel door sill scuff plates with illuminated LUMMA logo, and LUMMA Design carpet mats. All components for the new Range Rover are available now.

Tuning Lumma CLR RS for Range Rover Sport 2015

LUMMA Design, from the Swabian town of Winterlingen, claims the accolade of first tuner to launch an extensive customisation programme for the new Range Rover Sport.

The complete LUMMA Design CLR RS styling conversion, with alloy wheels in 22 or 23-inch diameters, is available right now. Power upgrades for petrol and diesel models, and special interior trim parts will be announced shortly.

An exclusive wide body conversion, the LUMMA CLR RS aero kit gives the Range Rover Sport a more aggressive look, its RS suffix indicating the ultimate in sportiness. The striking front bumper design with its large under bumper air intakes emphasises the new ‘face’ and strong character of this most recent addition to the Range Rover family. The air splitter at the lowest point of the new front spoiler improves stability at speed. An unmistakable feature that makes it clear a LUMMA CLR RS is coming is the stacked twin-row of daytime running lights integrated into the smaller air intakes flanking the huge central one. The four bars holding the rows of LED bulbs are optionally available in either chrome or dark finish.

The new sporty front grille is optionally available in visible or painted carbon fibre. Above this grille, the carbon-fibre bonnet removes weight from the nose, further improving agility, and its air vents aid engine cooling. The door panels and wider sills visually harmonise with the beefy wheel arch extensions, giving the impression the car was designed this way. At the rear, LUMMA Design has toughened up the business end of the Range Rover Sport with a diffuser set into the new rear apron.

The diffuser moulding contains the cut-outs for the four 100mm diameter polished outlets of the sport exhaust system, each of which is embossed with the LUMMA logo.

The final aerodynamic components are the roof spoiler and the small spoiler lip at the base of the rear window. These add to the cars eye appeal as well as reducing aerodynamic drag.

Apart from a handful of pieces made from carbon-fibre, the major components of the LUMMA Design CLR RS body kit are moulded from OE quality PU-RIM for a perfect finish and easy installation.

LUMMA Design has two signature alloy wheel designs for the Range Rover Sport. Either of these elegant 22 and 23-inch diameter wheels fills out the big arch extensions, giving the car its more purposeful look. The first is the CLR 22. Finished in black with a red stripe around the circumference, this 12.0J x 22-inch wheel comes with 305/35ZR22 tyres. If you really want to push the boat out, the 11.0J x 23-inch CLR 23 wheels in polished anthracite finish, and shod with 305/30ZR23 tyres, guarantee admiring glances.

Tuning Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG INFERNO

TOPCAR announces the start of work with Mercedes-Benz cars. The first project - an aerodynamic body kit for the ML 63 AMG, which was called "INFERNO". Subtle sense of style, conciseness, harmony, and powerful energy of the winner – these are the concepts that we have tried to integrate in the new project. Black Series by Mercedes-Benz was the inspiration for us to create this body kit.

Aero-kit consists of front and rear bumpers, Fender extensions, overlays on the door trims on the front wings, sills, bonnet, spoiler on the fifth door and tips on the exhaust pipe. Additional LED lights integrated into the front bumper. Traditionally, aerodynamic body kit made of carbon fiber and Kevlar using the technology of vacuum forming.

Engine modification program (by EVOTECH Motorsport):
1. Increasing power to 640 hp and torque to 980 Nm
2. Increasing power to 690 hp and torque up to 1,100 Nm
3. Increasing power to 760 hp and torque to 1150 Nm

Logical continuation of the exterior tuning - tuning interior. Every interior is created individually to meet unique customer needs.

Tuning Bentley

With a growing number of the beautiful Bentley Continental GT in Russia, many owners want their Bentleys to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Thus, TOPCAR has created a new elaborate aerodynamic body kit called, Bentley Continental GT Bullet. With this new design TOPCAR made sure that the natural aristocracy of the car is underscored by virile courage and uncompromising stand.

Tuning Mini Cooper

TOPCAR breaks all stereotypes of the Mini Cooper being a girlish car by presenting the Mini Cooper S Bully. This aerodynamic body kit and increased power output coverts the traditional Mini into a fierce street monster.

We would like to thank our fantastic partner, the great fashion designer Denis Simachev for his successful collaboration on the Mini Cooper S Bully. The newborn MINI is ‘dressed’ in a new aerodynamic body kit and brightened up with the cool ornamental drawings created by the prominent fashion designer.

Please have a look at the cars manufactured by our company. Images of our work can be found in the “Gallery” section of the website. Also feel free to pay a visit to our office where you can see for yourself that the highest standards of workmanship are a key part of our business.

Should you have any queries or require additional information please do not hesitate to contact us - our contact information is shown below.

Tuning Porsche 991 Carrera Stinger

Porsche has always had a unique position among German automakers and enthusiasts alike. When we talk about Porsche, typically the first image that comes to mind is that of a classic 911 Carrera. The Porsche 911 Carrera is a significant phenomenon in the history of the German car industry and the design has carried the Porsche brand into what it is today. The Introduction of the latest generation 991 Carrera has ignited an excitement in the Porsche enthusiast world that has not been seen for some time.

Accordingly, the company TOPCAR, which focuses on Porsche tuning and luxury refinements, is pleased to introduce its newest product – The Porsche 991 Carrera Stinger. German experts have sharpened for decades the famous 911, so the designers of TOPCAR created the Porsche 991 Carrera Stinger with the same particular care and attention. As a result, the adjusted and well-checked design of the new model from TOPCAR corresponds to the main industry theme but with stronger refined lines that expresses the powerful temper of the sport coupe. The car became lower and wider, due to aerodynamic shapes of the front and rear bumpers. The TOPCAR 991 Carrera Stinger looks more aggressive and powerful. Additionally a new hood, extra spoiler and new lightweight ADV.1 wheels are the perfect finishing touches.

The TOPCAR 991 Stinger boasts the highest quality aerodynamic body kit for Porsche 991 Carrera. The Stinger includes front and rear bumpers, new airpaths in the front bumper, aero extenders of front and rear wings, bonnet, set thresholds, extra spoilers and taps on the exhaust pipes.

Currently, the aero-kit is available for immediate installation on the Porsche 991 Carrera 4 and Porsche 991 Carrera 4S. In the near future, this kit will be available for installation on the narrower version of the Porsche 991 Carrera and Porsche 991 Carrera S. All parts of TOPCAR aerodynamic kit are made of carbon fiber with vacuum forming.

The price of Stinger body kit for the Porsche 991 Carrera 4s starts from 14 280 euros.

TOPCAR is known for their amazing Porsche tuning offering a safe and major increase in HP for your Porsche vehicle. TOPCAR tuning programs include increasing power by adjusting the engine control unit, the setting of new specific high flow filters, upgraded larger manifolds for more airflow, and a specifically tuned exhaust system for added performance and a more harmonious driving experience. Ultra light forged ADV.1 wheels are also added to the mix which will improve driving qualities and significantly reduce the weight of the car while completing the overall look of the car.

Lastly TOPCAR is most famous for the most luxurious custom interiors offered by any tuner in the world. They pride themselves in being able to use exotic material and color finish based on the costumers exact wishes.

The premiere of the TOPCAR Stinger in Russia is scheduled to be released at the famous car show "Auto Exotica 2013" which will be held from 5 to 7 July in the SC "Luzhniki", Moscow. The worldwide premiere of TOPCAR 991 Carrera Stinger will take place this autumn at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt (IAA 2013), Germany.

Tel: +7 (903) 968-99-99 - Oleg, +7(985) 969-96-99 - Sergey

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